Basketball facility Palasport A. Marmiroli

DATE: 2018
PLACE: Suzzara (MN)
CUSTOMER: Municipality of Suzzara (MN)

Artisport has contributed to the renewal of the Palazzo A. Marmiroli in the municipality of Suzzara in the province of Mantua. The building has undergone several interventions that have seen the renovation of the Palasport pavement in such a way that the structure is optimal for use by sports clubs. To complete the building, the Municipality of Artisport has decided to install a high quality hydraulic basketball system (B903) with extreme professionalism. Our expert technical staff was involved in the unloading and installation of a pair of electric hydraulic baskets equipped with 24 "display panels (B607) and mounted on a special bracket.

Used products

Electrical basketball facility overhang 330 cm
product tuv

Indoor Basketball facilities

Art. B903

Electrical basketball facility overhang 330 cm

Certified TUV

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