Basketball facility gym

DATE: 2018
PLACE: Remanzacco (UD)
CUSTOMER: Municipality of Remanzacco

The Municipality of Remanzacco, aware of the great experience and professionalism of Artisport, has decided to entrust the company with the replacement of an old basketball system, which has been replaced by a latest generation forefront new structure. The wall-mounted basketball facility (B905) that has been installed, in addition to having high technical characteristics, has finishes that also allow the execution of competitive races of the 2nd level. The plant was also equipped with a Plexiglas basketball backboard (B661), a basket-minibasket processing device (B678) and underglove protection (B669/1). An excellent final result was obtained thanks to the technical office of Artisport, which has been able to design the structure in detail, but also to follow its correct installation.

Used products

Basketball rims, backboards

Art. B661

Plexiglass basketball backboard

Basketball rims, backboards

Art. B669/1

Polyurethane basketball backboard protection

Indoor Basketball facilities

Art. B678

device processing basket-minibasket

Basketball facility wall mounting
product tuv

Indoor Basketball facilities

Art. B905

Basketball facility wall mounting

Certified TUV

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