Beach Volleyball field Diadora

DATE: 2018
PLACE: Caerano San Marco (TV)

In May 2018 Artisport was contacted by Diadora, a famous sportswear company in Caerano San Marco in the province of Treviso, which provided a specific technical support for the creation of a beach volleyball field inside the area of the corporate headquarters. Our technical department has worked closely with Diadora's offices, viewing the project area and providing all the technical details for the construction of the court. All beach volleyball equipment (V709/T, V713/T, V712/Q) was supplied by Artisport who also proceeded with their installation, guaranteeing an excellent final result.

Used products


Art. V709/T

Beach-volley/tennis facility 70 mm


Art. V712/Q

Tape for beach volley court boundary lines


Art. V713/T

Beach-volley net

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