Benches Stadio Venezia F.C.

DATE: 2017
PLACE: Venezia (VE)

Artisport is happy to have contributed to the triumphal 2016/2017 season of Venice Football Club, which saw the Venetian team focus on the promotion in the B League, with the supply and installation of dedicated benches for the coach, technical staff and reserves. The result was a perfect blend of sophisticated design and ruggedness, featuring ergonomic seating with the logo of the football company and characterized by great stability and endurance. Among the technical features of the product installed (art. F793) stand out the modular characteristic of the benc, which can be expanded at any time, the predisposition to the wheel transport and the quality of the leatherette material with which these elegant seats are produced. Another great success for Artisport, which consolidates its position among the top Italian suppliers of football stadium benches.

Used products

Professional football subs benches

Art. F793

Bench with synthetic leather seats

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