Locker room furniture Treviso Calcio

DATE: 2017
PLACE: Treviso (TV)
CUSTOMER: Treviso amateur football association

The important amateur football reality of Treviso Calcio tooks advantage of Artisport expert team to furnish the supply for the new locker rooms. The chosen product was the dressing bench (art. S850), consisting of a seat with backrest, shoe rack, clother hanger hooks and roof, high quality standard and completely anti-injury structure. In addition, have been supplied a range of accessories, such as non-slip supports, small tables for the staff, and plastic colored steel chairs. Another success added to the vast and prestigious curriculum of the important Italian Artisport company.

Used products

Locker room accessories

Art. K845

Table for dressing-room size 96x58x76h cm

Locker room benches E series

Art. S850

Dressing bench with seat, backerest,clother hanger hooks and roof m.2

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