Dividing curtain installation

DATE: 2018
PLACE: Castello di Godego(TV)
CUSTOMER: Municipality of Castello di Godego

In September 2018 Artisport was involved in the construction of a dividing structure inside the sports hall of Castello di Godego. This new work has involved the installation of a PVC curtain (C11) equipped with a motorized system. This kind of equipment can be used in big gyms where you need to divide the rooms, in case you want to practice two different sports activities at the same time. The result was excellent, in fact Artisport is able to provide an excellent and certified product, but at the same time to offer advice in terms of design at 360°. Developing this project wasn't easy at all, as the large dimensions of the structure required a greater commitment both in terms of design and the installation carried out by our technicians. However, as always, Artisport has proved that is capable to make the difference.

Used products


Art. C11

Playcourts dividing curtain

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