Fixed indoor grandstand Palasport

DATE: 2017
PLACE: Miane (TV)
CUSTOMER: Municipality of Miane

Artisport has contributed to the creation of a great new project: Miane's Fixed Palasport. Artisport has followed this activity from the beginning, starting from the planning stages, up to the real realization of a fixed indoor grandstand (Art. C7) custom made. The structure has been designed and made following methods and procedures that allow our creations to always be harmoniously inserted in different contexts. The fixed grandstand, 20 meters long and arranged in three rows, can host up to 110 spectators. Our staff, made up of highly qualified technicians, provided full support, which found, not only the approval of the municipal administration of Miane, but also of all the staff in charge of the work.

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Art. C7

Fixed grandstand for indoor

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