Football Field and Basketball

DATE: 2017
PLACE: Dubai (Emirati Arabi)

Artisport can boast another prestigious international collaboration: the supply of sports equipment in beautiful Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Our staff has been required all the necessary equipment for a soccer field and a basketball facility. After a careful analysis of the customer's requirements, it has been decided for a pair of steel futsal goals (art. F756), TUV certified according to UNI EN 749, complete with nylon nets (Art. F758 ). For the basketball field construction, the customer required an easily transportable facility and, if necessary, transformable into a minibasket facility: Artisport experts opted for the supply of half transportable basketball system (Article B649 / 1), portable on wheels.

Used products

Indoor Basketball facilities

Art. B649/1

half transportable basketball system

Steel futsal goals m 3x2
product tuv

Five-a-side goals and nets

Art. F756

Steel futsal goals m 3x2

Certified TUV

Five-a-side goals and nets

Art. F758

Nets for futsal goals m.3x2

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