Complete sports gym equipment

DATE: 2016
PLACE: Quero Vas (BL)
CUSTOMER: A.S.D. Gruppo Sportivo Astra

In December 2016, Artisport took care of the supply and installation of the full sport equipment for the municipal gym of Quero (BL). The equipment included an indoor fix grandstand, customized according the gym characteristichs and size, a wall-mounted reclining basketball facility, designed according customer’s needs, wall stall bars, other tennis and volleyball items and a climb stage, all custom produced. The Artisport staff installed all gym equipment with maximum care and in very short time, gaining the appreciation both of customer and gym users for the quality and times of execution.

Used products

Basketball rims, backboards

Art. B669/1

Polyurethane basketball backboard protection

Tables for officials

Art. B696/I

Officials table with protections lenght m.3

Basketball facility wall mounting
product tuv

Indoor Basketball facilities

Art. B905

Basketball facility wall mounting

Certified TUV


Art. C7

Fixed grandstand for indoor

Stall bars and benches

Art. G211

Double span stall bar

Climbing poles, rings, ropes

Art. G312

Climb stage with 3 poles and 3 ropes m.5

Wall bars and ladders

Art. G340

Wall bars 16 squares


Art. T781

Tennis net system


Art. T783

Torneo tennis net

Volleyball monotubolar aluminum with ground sleeves
product tuv

Volleyball facilities

Art. V708/R

Volleyball monotubolar aluminum with ground sleeves

Certified TUV

Volleyball facilities

Art. V730/NR

Padded protection for articles V708/R, V703/T and V703/TR

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