Furniture locker rooms and infirmary

DATE: 2018
PLACE: Camisano Vicentino (VI)
CUSTOMER: Public authority

Recently Artisport has been commissioned to furnish the new locker rooms of the Camisano Vicentino sport field. The realized structures and supplied by Artisport have made the locker rooms and infirmary more comfortable for both athletes and coaches who regularly use these spaces. Our technicians, thanks to their competence and professionalism, have provided in little more than 2 hours to unload the equipment, to the positioning and to their installation. The benches for locker rooms equipped with a seat, backrest, hanger and hatbox, the lockers for changing rooms and tool racks were provided. All the structures were made with a customized color on customer request, a characteristic that has allowed to give greater prominence to the product itself. Artisport set up not only the changing rooms, but also furnished the infirmary with a medical bed, a desk, a glass locker, a chest of drawers and chairs.

Used products

Furniture for gym equipments

Art. G112/3

Standard balls trolley

Infirmary furnishings

Art. I900

Examination bed in zinced steel

Infirmary furnishings

Art. I906

Glass cabinet for first aid

Infirmary furnishings

Art. I910/C.1

3 drawer chest with wheels

Infirmary furnishings

Art. I915

Rotating coat hanger

Locker room benches E series

Art. S850

Dressing bench with seat, backerest,clother hanger hooks and roof m.2

Locker room benches E series

Art. S850/1

Dressing bench with seat, backrest,clother hanger hooks and roof m.1

Locker room accessories

Art. S883/B

Modular plastic grid 50x50 cm blue

Metal lockers

Art. S891

Metal locker with 2 places

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