Municipal Gym furniture

DATE: 2017
PLACE: Tuenno (TN)
CUSTOMER: Private company

Artisport has recently provided to supply and install the furnishings inside a gym of Tuenno municipality (TN). The gym has been equipped with a pair of wall mounted basketball facilities (B905), reclining baskets (B675) with protections (B669/1), basketball backboards in tempered glass (B662/2), a device processing basket-minibasket (B678), and a double span stall bar (G211). To confirm that Artisport is able to satisfy any customer requirements, was also provided a fixed grandstand for indoor (C7), made with a special structure, according to the buyer's request.

Used products

Basketball rims, backboards

Art. B662/2

Crystal basketball backboard 12 mm

Basketball rims, backboards

Art. B669/1

Polyurethane basketball backboard protection

Indoor Basketball facilities

Art. B678

device processing basket-minibasket

Tables for officials

Art. B696/L

Officials table carinate lenght m.3

Basketball facility wall mounting
product tuv

Indoor Basketball facilities

Art. B905

Basketball facility wall mounting

Certified TUV


Art. C7

Fixed grandstand for indoor

Stall bars and benches

Art. G211

Double span stall bar

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