Basketball facility Municipal Gym

DATE: 2017
PLACE: Monte San Pietro (BO)
CUSTOMER: Monte San Pietro municipality

Artisport, one of the leading Italian suppliers of equipment and furnishings for sports facilities, has been the protagonist in the construction of the basketball facility at the municipal gym of Monte San Pietro. Another very successful work of great accomplishment, which has given particular satisfaction to the whole Artisport staff, given the excellent result obtained in very unfavorable logistic conditions: in fact, it was an installation carried out in a basement floor, which showed considerable difficulties in transporting the equipment. The supplied and installed product was the manual oil-pressure basketball facility (art. B904) with reclining baskets, high quality standard equipment and perfectly safe, thanks to the TUV approval according to UNI EN 1270.

Used products

Manual basketball facility overhang 330 cm
product tuv

Indoor Basketball facilities

Art. B904

Manual basketball facility overhang 330 cm

Certified TUV

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