Basketball facility Palasport

DATE: 2013
PLACE: Pula (CA)
CUSTOMER: Building company

For the sport arena located in Pula Artisport supplied the basketball and volleyball facilities.

As far as the basketball structures are concerned, there wasn't enough room to install floor baskets, so they were hung on the ceiling.

The roof cladding was not linear so the structures had to be custom designed, in oder to fit to the ceiling gaps. The basket supports were equipped with special brackets able to compensate for the different heights.

Given the complexity of the mounting site, the installation required an extremely precise work; nevertheless it was rolled-out within record times (11 hours approximately).

The basket facility provided by Artisport is FIBA approved for second level competitions and it can be electrically lifted.

Used products

Basketball accessories

Art. 202025

Safety device for basketball facility

Basketball facility Ceiling Lifts, FIBA approved
product fiba

Basketball facilities F.I.B.A. approved

Art. B655/1

Basketball facility Ceiling Lifts, FIBA approved

Certified FIBA

Basketball rims, backboards

Art. B669/1F

Polyurethane basketball backboard protection F.I.B.A.

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