Gym grandstand

DATE: 2015
PLACE: Vibo Valentia
CUSTOMER: DItta costruttrice

Artisport supplied the motorized telescopic grandstand for a new gym built in the city of Vibo Valentia. The grandstand was custom-designed and produced by Artisport in order to fully exploit the available space in the gym.

The customer asked for a foldable grandstand able to maximize the number of seats within the limited space, minimize the occupation once closed (1.15 m), allow enough room for the security side exit ways and mount half-back seats. This last issue required to design a special rib to allow the grandstand closing.

Artisport was in charge not only of the design of the grqandstand structure, but also of its electric system. In order to grant the constant direction and speed of the lateral supports, the grandstand was equipped with special sensors

Artisport technical experts also took care of the installation and test of the grandstand.

The telescopic grandstand is made of natural wood and class 1 fireproof coated.

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Telescopic grandstand for indoor

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