Bottecchia stadium benches

DATE: 2013
PLACE: Pordenone
CUSTOMER: Pordenone Football Club

Artisport is one of the main supplier of staff benches for soccer courts. For the Bottecchia stadium in Pordenone, Artisport produced a special coach bench, designed according the client's specific needs.

The customer asked for a bench that could be easily transported and limited in depth. So Artisport supplied a bench which can be divided in 2 light modules and 2 meter deep, insted of usual 1.2 meter.

The benches are made of anodized aluminium and are equipped with transparent solar-proof policarbonate cover, frontal and vertical protections made of PVC plated expanded rubber and washable syntetic leather seats, which were customised with the club's logo and colors.

Used products

Aluminium soccer coach benches

Art. F746/4

Padded protection for coach bench

Professional football subs benches

Art. F793

Bench with synthetic leather seats

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