Sport gym equipment

DATE: 2017
PLACE: Azzano Decimo (PN)
CUSTOMER: Azzano X municipality

In February 2017, Artisport team became the protagonist of another great success, certified by the praise and thanks came from the numerous authorities, by the citizens and by the municipal Administration of Azzano Decimo, during the inauguration of the Municipal Gym we’ve furnished and equipped. Our team has been involved in the supply and installation of all furnishings for the infirmary and the locker rooms of the gym (art. S850, S850 / 1, I911), in the installation of the motorized ceiling basket facility and the relative electrical part (Article B906, B669 / 1, B675, B678, B696 / I, B669 / 3, B696.03, K859 / 1) in providing a range of useful equipment for gymnastics and athletics ( Art. G211, G356, A486 / C, A470, A483) and the installation of a multisport electronic scoreboard (art. E695 / 2). The works were enormously appreciated, for the quality of the products provided and for the enormous value of the technical interventions implemented in full respect of agreed times.

Used products

High jump

Art. A470

Pair of standing high jump height cm.250

High jump

Art. A483

Fibreglass limit crossbar IAAF approved

High jump

Art. A486/C

High jump landing pit

Basketball rims, backboards

Art. B669/1

Polyurethane basketball backboard protection

Tables for officials

Art. B669/3

Basket coach bench

Indoor Basketball facilities

Art. B678

device processing basket-minibasket

Tables for officials

Art. B696.03

Officials table length

Tables for officials

Art. B696/I

Officials table with protections lenght m.3

Wall mounted basketball system
product tuv

Indoor Basketball facilities

Art. B906

Wall mounted basketball system

Certified TUV


Art. C7

Fixed grandstand for indoor

Electronic scoreboards

Art. E695/2

Multisport Electronic scoreboard

Stall bars and benches

Art. G211

Double span stall bar

Mattress and mats

Art. G356

Mattress with sizes on request

Wall protection

Art. K859/1

Wall protection

Locker room benches E series

Art. S850

Dressing bench with seat, backerest,clother hanger hooks and roof m.2

Locker room benches E series

Art. S850/1

Dressing bench with seat, backrest,clother hanger hooks and roof m.1

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