Municipal sports gym equipment

DATE: 2017
PLACE: Giussago (PV)
CUSTOMER: Giussago Municipality

The town of Giussago for the realization of the municipal gym has taken advantage of the collaboration with Artisport staff for the design, supply and installation of the furniture for locker rooms (benches, lockers and accessories), gym equipment and all-necessary for the set up of football, basketball and volleyball fields. For the construction of the sports facility has been used a lifting wall-mounted basketball system (art B655), a pair of transportable football goals with nets (art. F757 and F758 / 0), double span stall bar (art G211), some swedish runged swinging wall bar with 24 holes (G341), climb stages with poles and ropes (G310), straight and curved orthopaedic ladder (G192 and G193). The gym has been built in accordance with the safety standards and is kept in the smallest detail, according to the needs of the customer, gaining appreciation for the quality of the work and for the times of realization.

Used products

Indoor Basketball facilities

Art. B655

Lifting wall-mounted basketball system

Aluminium futsal goals m.3x2
product tuv

Five-a-side goals and nets

Art. F757

Aluminium futsal goals m.3x2

Certified TUV

Wall bars and ladders

Art. G192

Orthopaedic curved ladder

Wall bars and ladders

Art. G193

Orthopaedic straight ladder

Stall bars and benches

Art. G211

Double span stall bar

Climbing poles, rings, ropes

Art. G310

Climb stage with 2 poles and 2 ropes m.5

Wall bars and ladders

Art. G341

Wall bars 24 squares

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