Gym equipments

DATE: 2019

Artisport was involved in the installation of a dividing curtain for gyms. It is a veritable mobile partition that can divide the space into two areas that can be used independently. The dividing curtain for gyms allows to transform the sports structure into a multipurpose space and to host more sports activities at the same time according to the various needs. Our dividing curtain is a robust and resistant product, absorbs without being affected, even very close impacts. It is composed of a PVC sheet and a square mesh net. For the American Overseas School of Rome, Artisport has followed all the phases of the installation of the dividing curtain: from the structural verification of the building to the executive one, of installation in just two days of the new dividing curtain. This intervention gave Artisport a lot of satisfaction for its incomparable aesthetic and functional result.

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Art. C11

Playcourts dividing curtain

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