Sports facility Gym

DATE: 2018
PLACE: Gorle (BG)
CUSTOMER: Municipality of Gorle

In July 2018 Artisport took care of the sports set up of the new Gorle gym. Our technicians installed a motorized monotubular wall basket facility, complete with a basket-minibasket conversion device (B678) and an electronic scoreboard. They also took care of the installation of a volleyball facility, complete with nets (V711/SN) and protections (V730/2) and the positioning of a table for officials with relative protection. In addition to technical and sporting aspects, Artisport also provided furniture for locker rooms, from benches to necessary accessories such as mirrors, soap holders, towel racks, etc. In just over two days our technicians have completed the work in an excellent way, thanks to a close collaboration with the designers, the technicians of the municipality and the D.L.

Used products

Tables for officials

Art. B669/3

Basket coach bench

Tables for officials

Art. B696/I

Officials table with protections lenght m.3

Electronic scoreboards

Art. E695/2

Multisport Electronic scoreboard

Infirmary furnishings

Art. I900

Examination bed in zinced steel

Infirmary furnishings

Art. I906

Glass cabinet for first aid

Infirmary furnishings

Art. I910/C.1

3 drawer chest with wheels

Furniture for gym equipments

Art. K822/1

Ball carrier

Locker room benches E series

Art. S850

Dressing bench with seat, backerest,clother hanger hooks and roof m.2

Locker room accessories

Art. S894/1

Paper towel dispenser

Locker room accessories

Art. S896.01

Wall mirror diameter 60 cm without frame

Trasportable aluminium volleyball system TUV CERTIFICATE IN ACCORDING TO UNI EN 1271
product tuv

Volleyball facilities

Art. V708

Trasportable aluminium volleyball system TUV CERTIFICATE IN ACCORDING TO UNI EN 1271

Certified TUV

Volleyball facilities

Art. V730/2

Padded protection for articles V708 and V700

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