Fixed modular grandstands for indoor Palasport

DATE: 2020
PLACE: Monfalcone (GO)
CUSTOMER: Municipality of Monfalcone

Artisport has carried out the fitting out of two fixed grandstands for the Monfalcone stadium. It was a demanding job, performed very quickly. In just two days, despite the extent of the work and the logistical difficulties, the Artispot technicians managed to install the two stands by arranging them on 9 rows for a capacity of 245 seats each. The Artisport grandstands for interiors are extremely versatile modular structures, in painted steel, customizable both in length and in depth and in compliance with the reference standards. In addition to the two newly built grandstands, the two existing grandstands have also been adapted to the legislation. In this regard, two access stairs have been positioned on the sides to reach the 7 rows of the stands and over 300 plastic bodies.

Used products


Art. C3

Seat without the back to forum


Art. C7

Fixed grandstand for indoor

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