Fixed modular grandstands for tensile structure

DATE: 2020
PLACE: Lido di Camaiore (LU)
CUSTOMER: Private company

At the tensile structure of Camaiore Artisport has carried out a set-up work on three fixed grandstands arranged on 4 rows with an 80 cm raised start, complete with parapets on all four sides, for a capacity of about 400 total seats. Our fixed indoor grandstands are designed and manufactured in compliance with current regulations. These are modular structures designed specifically for each project, which can be customized based on the characteristics of the place. The works carried out by Artisport are always quick and complete: transport, installation and set up in less than three days. In addition to the stands, floor dividers were installed for about 40 meters complete with access gates which made it possible to completely separate the spectator public area.

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Art. C7

Fixed grandstand for indoor

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