Gym and locker room furniture

The Artisport project is to change the way people live gyms and sport facilities making these places convey a pleasant experience since the very first step. Too often, in fact, it is underestimated the importance of the stages that precede athletic training or competitions, when players are preparing for the game, before the athletes enter the playground or start coaching. People undress and change clothes in small unpleasant rooms, ill-equipped, with few racks, stands or mirrors, scarcely functional tiny lockers and uncomfortable benches. Under these conditions it becomes hard to find the right concentration and focus on the goal or the game. As well as it is not desirable, in this kind of setting, trying to recover or relax after the sport efforts.

The idea behind our special care for better solutions in sports equipment and furnishing is that we should think dressing and locker rooms not just as functional and transitional rooms but as pleasing and cosy places, as the first important step of every sporting activity. That’s why conceiving these rooms we attach importance to the quality and the design of the furniture: benches, hat racks, coat stands, wooden floor grids, cabinets, lockers, massage beds, mirrors. All the equipment supplied for locker rooms by Artisport is colored, ergonomic and designed for a safe use.

Also the furnishing for the infirmaries of gymnasiums, swimming pools and sports centres can be greatly improved. Artisport provides furniture, stretchers, lockers for medicines, medicine chests, practical screenings and other accessories. Everything is arranged to try to make nicer the room and more bearable even the difficult moments. Besides accessories and other sports equipments, Artisport can also provide complete furnishings for gyms and sport facilities, installations, gear and structures for terraces, stand seats, grandstand in stadiums, sport arenas or pavilions. Stands can be folded and moved through a telescopic electric system.

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