partnership artisport

Artisport is one of the main Italian companies providing sports articles and equipments. The reliability of products and our manufacturing and logistic skills are best proved by the major supplies and the technical requests we have been able to fulfill along the years. Thousands of athletes from many different disciplines, from gymnastics to soccer, from tennis to athletics, have trained and competed with Artisport sports supplies. Thousands of gyms, playgrounds, fields, courts and sporting events have been arranged with Artisport equipments.

Artisport products are tested at the highest level by professional athletes in sporting competitions. That’s how our sports equipment as well as our furnishings, stands, structures and outdoor gears can assure maximum safety, suitability and duration on both levels, combative and recreational, and in every place, sporting facilities, playgrounds, swimming pools, gyms, arenas. Our products are used at every level in all the playing courts of national volley top series, as, for each event, Artisport provides support systems for the game, playgrounds set up, audience stands and terraces arrangements, in addition to the proper volley material: nets, accessories, referee platform, padded shields and other equipment.

Artisport is proud to be technical partner of the national League and to provide sports equipment for volleyball because of the values this sport embodies, positive principles that our company shares in its philosophy: teamwork, international spirit, fairness, research of continuous improvements in performance, reliability.

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