artisport philosophy

Passion for sport and athletes is the basis of Artisport philosophy. According to this approach, we keep researching for improvements in sports implements and equipments as well as in customer relationships with clubs, public agencies, local governments, sports stores and wholesalers. The care for human factor urges the company to optimize its supply of sports equipments and to develop new products, more performing in competitions, safer in training and easier to use in everyday sporting practice. Relationships are always held in simplicity and established on transparency so that every partner, customer or stakeholder may easily get adequate information.

Ideas flow from complete immersion in sporting activities and every solution is hypothesized thinking on how equipment can better fit the concrete sporting practice. Artisport puts technological innovation in the service of sports equipments to achieve the highest professional level and chooses top quality materials for its products in order to make more reliable and secure the sporting articles, better suitable both for daily coaching and competitions.

Improvements however are not just about technical aspects, but they also consider the aesthetic point of view. Our products are conceived with great care in the choice of colors and shapes, attention to detail and special focus on design. According to our philosophy, dressing and locker rooms as every other sporting space should not be a bleak place, but pleasant and cosy rooms. The right furnishing for locker rooms and infirmaries should be pleasing to the eye, should help the athletes get ready to give the best in trainings and competitions, should be comfortable and allow a practical arrangement of items and clothes. Moreover furniture in the locker room should be bright and colourful, suggesting the idea of order, neatness and joy.

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