Atlethics accessories

Sports chronometer, metric wheel and all athletic accessories

There are many disciplines included in theathletics and therefore many will be the athletic accessories necessary for the proper conduct of training and competitions.
Depending on the discipline on which we will train and focus we will need athletic accessories different, such as, sports chronometer, metric wheel and other athletic equipment.

As for the racing disciplines, or more generally for those disciplines that require a start and an arrival, it is essential for the race judge, the use of a chronometer sports digital cutting-edge, with countdown and alarm.

In our catalogue you will find different sports chronometer models to choose from according to different needs.

Moving on to jumping or throwing disciplines, such as long jump or throwing weight, javelin or hammer, essential for distance measurements is the metric wheel. In the Artisport catalogue you will find different models of metric wheel from 50 meters or 20 meters, with steel or fiberglass webbing.

Art. K812/1

Sport digital stopwatch

Art. K800

Portable megaphone

Art. A540

Athletics finish post

Art. A640


Art. A539

Starter pyramid

Art. A539/1

Lane pyramid

Art. A642

Pyramid section mark

Art. A642/1

Pyramid line marker

Art. K830/A

Fribreglass measuring tape lenght 20 m

Art. K831

Steel measuring tape lenght 20 m

Art. K835

Steel measuring tape 100 m

Art. K836

Steel measuring tape 50 m

Art. K840

Winners stand made of 3 separate steps

Art. K841

Painted steel starters podium

Art. A544

Judge stand 6 seats

Art. A545

Judge stand 12 seats

Art. 237010

Red score board

Art. A541

Revolution lap counter

Art. 237020

Black Score board

Art. K812/2

Digital stopwatch with 80 memories

Athletics equipment: accessories for training and competitions

For the proper performance of workouts or athletics competitions in addition to sports chronometer and metric wheel, essential athletic equipment, you need other athletic accessories.
In addition to the sports chronometer, it is important for the athletic disciplines of running to use pyramid lane markers, for the identification of the athlete and for the reporting of any false starts. In addition to the lane marking, in this section of athletics equipment, you will also find sector marks, usually made of steel, ideal for launch disciplines such as hammer throwing, discus and javelin.
In the online catalog of Artisport you will find in support of athletics activities, battery megaphone, pole for the finish line or several podium models for the announcement of the winners.
For a complete supply of your gym or field, relying on industry professionals is essential as a guarantee of the durability of the equipment and quality of the raw materials used.

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