Pole vault

Pole jump, speed and strength

The jump with the rod, as the high jump and the long jump, is part of athletics sports. It is a sport both male and female, in which the athlete, after a small run-up, will have to overcome a bar supported by the rights without dropping it, obviously with the help of a rod.
To practice this sport the athlete must know how to combine speed, typical of sprinters, with strength, arms and torso and agility, the main feature of gymnastics.
An excellent equipment, however, will improve the performance and results obtained.
Rod is definitely the main and characterizing tool of jump with rod. At the beginning bamboo rods were used, then transformed into metal rods, to arrive at the sixties with rods made of glass and carbon fibers still used. Rubber caps or plasticare used to protect the rod.
Moving on to the pole jump system, the same items as the high jump are used, which are, rod and straight.
Special attention should also be paid to the drop zone. This drop zone consists of a central block and two lateral slide-shaped blocks.

Art. A490

Pair of pole vault uprights I.A.A.F. approved

Art. A492

Vault box for athletics

Art. A494/1

limit crossbar in glass fiber

Art. A496

Jump tester m.8 for vaulting pole

Art. A497

Pole vault landing surface

Art. A500

Propedeutical vaulting pole

All equipment for pole jumping

As we have seen before to improve performance and results for an athlete it is important to have the right equipment for both training and without any doubt, for competitions. For this reason, the equipment for the pole jump available in the catalog, meet all the required quality standards.
Here are the items available in our catalog.
Stand for pole jump in reinforced aluminum, ideal for indoor or outdoor activities. The telescopic system allows easy height adjustment.
Bar for the jump with the rod made of glass fiber, certified IAAF.
Rod, customizable according to the weight of the athlete.
To complete the supply, you will find the rod funnel box, the rod jump meter and a PVC-coated density foam rubber drop zone.

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