Shot put

Shot put

The shot put is an Olympic discipline both male and female and for this technique and equipment must comply with regulations that allow the correct execution and validity.
The discipline consists in throwing as far as possible a metal ball (weight) from a platform, with a protective cage around it. The rules to be followed are similar, if not equal, to those for other throwing disciplines. The winner will be determined by considering the longest throw of the three available. Obviously the winner is the participant who has made the longest.
Let’s see what must be the characteristics that the shot put ball must respect. As in all sports you must definitely differentiate between male and female shot put ball, as they differ in size and weight.
For men, the weight must respect the 110-130 mm of diameter for a weight of 7.26 kg.
For women instead we switch to a diameter of 95-110 mm for a weight of 4 kg.
The shot put ball is made of iron, brass or other metals. For the shot put training or unregulated internal competitions we also have non bouncy synthetic rubber balls with different weights.

Art. A580

Shot cart

Art. A570/1

Inelastic shot kg. 1

Art. A570/2

Athletics shot kg 2

Art. A570

Inelastic shot kg. 3

Art. A571

Inelastic shot kg. 4

Art. A572

Inelastic shot kg 5

Art. A573

Inelastic shot kg 6

Art. A574

Inelastic shot kg 7,26

Art. A585

Shot put/hammer throwing platform

Art. A586/1

Shot Put toe-board

Art. A586/A

Shot put toe board

Art. A586/2

Toe-board in fibreglass

Art. A567

Iron shot kg.2

Art. A568

Iron shot kg.3

Art. A569

Iron shot calibrated kg 4

Art. A569/1

Iron shot kg.5

Art. A569/2

Iron shot kg.6

Art. A569/3

Iron shot kg.7,26

The technique for shot put

There are two main techniques for the shot put. The first born in the fifties, is characterized by a backward race to gain speed and make the launch. While the second, born in the seventies and today the most used is a rotary technique, equal to the preparation and discus throw.

All shot put equipment

The shot put is a discipline of athletics that together with throwing the hammer, javelin and disc, form the disciplines of the launches. As in all these disciplines, even for the shot put is essential physical performance, strength, good technique but also the right equipment.
In addition to the ball (weight) for the shot put the athlete both in competition and during a workout needs additional equipment. It is essential to use a platform of about 2.135 meters, a limit within which the athlete can no longer exceed during the run-up and launch, under penalty of exclusion or penalty during the competition. The outer edge of the platform shall be fitted with a footpeg firmly attached to the ground. Also important is the arrangement around the platform of a cage, which allows protection from any wrong throw, spectators, the public and other participants.
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