Badminton rackets and flywheels: all badminton equipment

Artisport offers different types of badminton systems both basic and competition equipped with nylon nets.
In addition to the equipment we also provide badminton rackets and badminton flywheels. Both in pairs but also in sets of 12 pieces.
There are different versions of badminton rackets depending on the performance you want to achieve. So depending on the use, for those who have just decided to approach with this sport or for those who are already familiar with the sport and equipment, there will be different weights and materials.

Art. V731

Badminton facility

Art. V731/C

Badminton net system

Art. V713/B

Badminton net

Art. V731/R

Badminton racket

Art. V731/P

Badminton shuttlecocks

Badminton rackets and implants

Badminton is a very ancient sport, it is thought to date back to 3000 B.C. and was brought to Europe from India by some English officers.
It is named after Badminton House, a castle in the English countryside where the first game was played.
Badminton is a sport that can be practiced in single or in pairs, both male, female and mixed. It consists in hitting with a racket the shuttlecock making it pass the net to end up in the field of the opponent who will have to try to hit it.
This game, also called badminton became Olympic sport in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics.

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