Basket balls

Basketball balls, the current legislation

There is a real regulation on the regulation of basketball. For this reason, before proceeding with the purchase, we always advise you to consult the technical regulations of the Italian Basketball Federation or request more information and advice.
First, when we talk about basketball balls, we must refer to an article with an orange spherical shape, divided into eight segments by black lines. Secondly, the basketball must comply with the following measures:

  • circumference: ranges from 74.9 to 78 cm for male and from 72.4 to 73.7 for female;

  • diameter: varies according to the reference league, if male the diameter will correspond to about 23/24 cm, if female we remain on 23 cm;

  • weight: for male competitions it can vary from 567g up to 650g, while for female challenges it starts from a minimum of 510g up to a maximum of 567g.

These variations depend on the level and age of the players. For greater completeness the regulation provides for the pressure of basketball balls, which must be adjusted in such a way as to allow a rebound of 1.2 or 1.4 meters high, dropping it from 1.8 meters.

Art. B680NEW

Basketball in PU, n.7

Art. B686NEW

Mini Basketball in PU, n.5

Art. B687/3

Molten B7G1600 basket ball

Art. B687/4

Molten B5G1600 minibasketball

Art. B687/5

Molten B6G4000 basket ball

Art. B687/6

Molten B7G4000 basket ball

Wide range of basketball balls

In our catalog you will find a wide range of basketball balls, to meet different needs.
Originally an basketball consisted of eight pieces of leather tied together, the shape vaguely reminiscent of the current one. Now the most used material for the realization of basketball balls is rubber, much less expensive than leather or leather. Usually the use of leather balls is recommended for indoor basketball, as, during matches outside the skin could easily damage.
Depending on the situation of use, the choice of the ball will fall into different models. Basketball balls for competitions must guarantee the best performance so the choice will fall on high quality balls. While for training sessions you can target yourself on a ball that guarantees excellent performance but at a lower price.
The basketball balls must follow certain regulations that determine their weight, size and pressure. Based on all these characteristics, each category must be associated with the corresponding size of the basketball.

Basketball balls, how to choose them?

Let’s see what are the different sizes of basketball balls that can be used in various competitions.
Size 3 and size 5, are used for baby basketball and youth competitions, the dimensions vary from 56cm to 71, while the weight must be between 283g for baby basketball and 470g/500g for youth championships.
For adults, the corresponding basketball sizes are size 6 and size 7, respectively for women’s and men’s competitions.
The sizes 1 and 4 can not be used during different competitions, but can be very useful in training and warming up. The former are smaller and therefore ideal for children approaching basketball, while the latter are used to facilitate the transition from mini basketball to youth competitions.

Some interesting facts about basketball balls

For proper durability and care of the basketball is important cleaning at the end of the competition. If dry it is ideal to pass a damp cloth over the entire surface of the basketball, if the ball is very dirty, you can proceed with a wash with running water, then dabbing it for drying. Finally, we mention some of the official suppliers of basketball balls most known both nationally and at European level.
Molten: official brand recognized by the Italian Basketball Federation for the different championships of men’s B, B2 and C1.
Spalding: for Eurolega competitions, aesthetic difference compared to Molten, characterized by an alternation of orange and black segments.
Wilson: new competition brand for the 2021/2022 season.

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