Design and construction of basketball hoop systems

Designing and building basketball hoop systems is undoubtedly one of Artisport's strengths.
We have been on the market for many years and are known for the care and attention we put into every single request that customers entrust to us. Every one of our basketball hoop systems is carefully designed down to the smallest detail to fully satisfy the specific needs of each customer.
In the design phase, we take into account every factor necessary to ensure an optimal result, carefully assessing the spaces in which the systems will be installed and the features that each one needs to have. This is because we supply different types of basketball systems, from simpler ones suitable for small gyms and schools to custom ones designed specially for sports arenas that host high-level matches.

Basketball - bestseller

Art. B651/P

Padded protection for articles B651, B651/2 and B654

Art. B690

Table stopwatch

Art. B726/4B

Basket table score board

Art. B651

Monotubolar basketball facility overhang 165 cm.Tested in according to UNI EN 1270.

Art. B671/1

Basketball hoop

Art. B664

Melamine resin basketball backboard

Art. K806/1

Small air compressor with pressure gauge

Art. B687/6

Molten B7G4000 basket ball

Art. 240051

White striping tape in PVC for volleyball court

Art. B651/T

Portable monotubolar basketball system.Tested in according to UNI EN 1270.

Art. K822/2

Ball cart dimensions 100x75x90h cm

Art. B650/2

Folding basketball facility

Art. I911

Plastic chair

Art. B692

Basketball officials signal sticks

Art. B605

Manual ball possession indicator

Art. K807

Bottle cage

Art. B651/2

Monotubing basketball facility overhang 220 cm.Tested in according to UNI EN 1270.

Approved and certified basketball hoop systems

We also specialise in building basketball hoop systems for outdoor courts, using carefully-chosen materials and finishes that offer excellent weather resistance. Basketball hoop systems designed for outdoor spaces can have either a single pole or a weighted frame. On request, they can also be fitted with pole pads to make the game safer.
For gyms and arenas, we offer a series of manual and electric hydraulic systems as well as fixed systems that can be mounted on walls or suspended from ceilings. Thanks to our years of experience, we produce basketball hoop systems that guarantee high performance. Above all, we offer systems eligible for certification by major bodies such as FIBA and TUV, which is required in order to use this equipment in top-level competitions.

As well as specialising in the installation of basketball hoop systems, we also supply all the accessories needed for this sport, including balls and electronic basketball scoreboards.
Our range includes adjustable basketball systems fitted with a device allowing you to switch between basketball and mini-basketball heights.
Each of our systems is fitted with a regulation basketball hoop that can be adjusted according to your needs.

In addition to full hoop systems, we also make wooden, acrylic and melamine backboards which can be combined with different types of reinforced and folding hoops fitted with nylon or galvanised steel nets.
Artisport will personally handle the assembly of your basketball hoop system, ensuring not just the quality of the structure itself, but also first-rate installation. Our specialist technicians are trained to carry out every step of the set-up process and can handle even the most complex of jobs in no time.

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