Basketball rims, backboards

Basketball baskets and scoreboard

The basket is one of the most practiced sports, known and appreciated worldwide. Artisport offers within its catalog a wide range of equipment for this sport, such as an example, basketball baskets, basketball facilities and basketball scoreboard.
As we all know, in a basketball court we find two basketball baskets positioned in the center of the two shorter sides, one facing each other. The goal of basketball is to pass the basketball ball inside the basketball basket, scoring 1, 2 or 3 points depending on the position from which the player performs the action.
To complete the basketball system it is essential to install a basketball board for a dual function. The first, allows you to support the basketball basket, the second, however, can be exploited during the game to reach the goal and achieve the point.
In this section of the Artisport catalogue, you will find numerous indoor and outdoor basketball baskets to which you can match the basketball board that most meets the needs of the moment.

Art. B660

Wooden backboard

Art. B664

Melamine resin basketball backboard

Art. B661

Plexiglass basketball backboard

Art. B662/2

Crystal basketball backboard 12 mm

Art. B665

Wood minibasket backboard

Art. B666

Melamine resin minibasket backboard

Art. B667

Minibasket backboard

Art. B669/1

Polyurethane basketball backboard protection

Art. B669/1F

Polyurethane basketball backboard protection F.I.B.A.

Art. 406190

Frame for basketball backboard

Art. B671


Art. B671/1

Basketball hoop

Art. B671/3

Reinforced basketball hoop

Art. B671/2Z

Hot zinc galvanized steel basket

Art. B674

Basketball hoop reclinable model

Art. B675

Reclining basket

Art. B672

Basketball net in heavy nylon

Art. B673

Basketball rim net

Art. B672/1

Zinced steel basketball net

Art. B673/C

Basketball net in nylon

Art. B608

Perimeter Light for basketball backboards

How to choose your basketball basket?

First, when choosing the basketball basket, you have to take into account the size of the ring, height and material.
A basketball basket consists of a circular structure, placed horizontally and perpendicular to the ground, in metal, to which a nylon net is hung along the circumference. Usually the diameter of the ring measures 45 cm and must be placed 2.60 meters high for children and 3.05 meters high for adults, experts and competitions. The net, on the other hand, must have a minimum length of 40 cm and a maximum length of 45 cm, thus allowing a certain speed and fluidity of the game.

While for the basketball board, what characteristics should it have?

Starting from the dimensions, a basket board from the standard rectangular shapes should measure 1.05 x 1.80 meters, with a minimum thickness of 3 cm and the bottom edges padded. A scoreboard is then characterized by a smaller rectangle, painted in the lower and central area, of 59 x 45 cm. This rectangle is used by the player to better study the trajectory of the ball, as hitting it, the ball can get into the basket.
Artisport has different models of basketball board, not so much in size but rather in the materials used. In fact, you can choose between wooden, plexiglass or tempered glass panels if you need to shoot, or melamine resin.

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