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Beach football pitch equipment

Beach football is clearly derived from football, with the main difference being the pitch, which is sand as opposed to grass. Unlike football, there are five players per team and the game is played for three periods of 12 minutes each.
The sport is fairly new and was officially recognised in 2000 by FIFA, which set up the national and international championships. In 1994, the first televised beach football match was played in Brazil, with the Brazilian team emerging victorious.

Since then, it has begun to spread around the world as a fun sport that can also be played on an amateur level and for a summer kickaround.
The English national team has competed in the World Cup numerous times, placing third in 1995.

Art. F735/B

Beach soccer goals

Art. F740/B

Beach soccer goals nets

Art. F740/S

Set of beach soccer field marking tapes

Art. F755/B

Beach-soccer ball

Art. F748

Corner post set

Art. F748/1

Flexible corner post set

What do I need to set up a beach football pitch?

To set up a beach football pitch properly, it needs to have specific dimensions and be marked out by roping in a colour that is clearly visible against the sand. 10 wind-resistant, flexible and blunt plastic flags should be placed around the edges of the pitch.
Our beach football goals are made from aluminium and coated with a polyurethane varnish that protects the structure from weathering and corrosion.
Nets (supplied separately) are made from nylon fibre and can easily be fixed to the goal using the rear supports and net hooks.

Artisport also offers a full range of beach soccer accessories: pitch marking lines, sets of corner posts and flags, and polyurethane beach footballs.
Whatever you need, get in touch and we can provide more information and a no-obligation quote if required.

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