Boxing and karate

Punching bags and other boxing equipment

Boxing is one of the world's oldest combat sports. It takes place in a square ring and sees two athletes compete against each other, throwing punches to try and knock out their opponent.
Various sports and martial arts feature moves involving both the upper and lower limbs.
To train and improve these strikes, whether they are punches or kicks, combat sports and martial arts call for a range of equipment such as punch bags.
A punch bag is definitely a useful piece of kit for anyone looking to build up the strength of their punches and kicks without a sparring partner.
Every aspiring boxer or practitioner of karate needs to develop their technique and their speed; a punch bag gives you the chance to work on these skills before facing a real opponent.

Art. L950

Boxing training bag 30 kg

Art. L953

vinyl boxing bag 40 kg

Art. L956

Vinyl boxing bag 45 kg

Art. L951

Vinyl boxing bag 30 kg

Art. L954

Vinyl boxing bag 40 kg

Art. L957

Vinyl boxing bag 50 kg

Art. L980

Vinyl karate bag 30 kg

Art. L959

Spring hook for boxing bag

Art. L960

Wall bracked in painted steel

Art. L960/1

wall bracked for boxing bag

Wide range of punch bags and accessories

Our catalogue features various types of punch bag suitable for all your needs. In recent years, boxing has become popular not only with men, but also with women and children. Punch bags are therefore available in a range of weights and heights, so you can find the right training tool to suit each athlete.
Punch bags are generally covered in vinyl and come in different sizes ranging from 1 metre to 1.2 metres. They weigh between 30 and 45 kg.

Our punch bags are available in various colours and are all fitted with a chain and a spring hook, allowing you to hang them up quickly and easily.
Among the various products sold by Artisport, you can also find spring hooks and brackets (wall-mounted rotating steel supports) for punch bags.
Whatever your needs, we can advise you and supply you with all the necessary equipment to fit out a gym for boxing and martial arts.

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