Foul indicators


Art. E695/8 made in italy

Pair of statistics panels (side displays) showing the Player No. and Fouls/Penalties of 12 players on the 2 teams. Ideal for Basketball, Volleyball, 5-a-Side Football (Futsal), etc..Functions displayed for each player (12 players per team):Player number: [0-99], digits 15cm high.Fouls/Penalties: [4 indicator lights + 1 red], diameter 3.2cm. Technical characteristics for both panels:Dimensions and weight: 120x260x11.5cm, 68kg. Distance and readability angle: 70m (230ft), 150 degrees. No front protection cover required. Complies with DIN 18032-3 and UNI 9554 standards on "resistance to damage from balls". You save on the cost of a protective cover, visibility is completely preserved, and access to the scoreboard is easy.Meets F.I.B.A. specifications. It can be used together with other models for creating large scoreboards displaying various information. Easy to install. Technical instructions in 5 languages. Provided with bolts and brackets for wall mounting. Supplied with serial cable 4m in length to connect to the main electronic Scoreboard. Robust container made from powder-coated aluminum. Front panel made from anti-glare polycarbonate. Views are easily accessible from the front, built with high-quality, wide-angle SMD LEDs with an average life of 100,000 hours! Control Console (not included). Controlled via the Control Console of the electronic scoreboard above it. Power supply: 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 145VA.

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