Electronic scoreboard for volleyball, futsal, table tennis

Volleyball electronic scoreboard

Art. E695/8E made in italy

Electronic scoreboard for volley, 5-a-side football, table tennis, etc. With console luminous display. Visualized functions: SCORES: from 0 to 199 each side; SET/BONUS: from 0 to 9 each side; POSSESSION/PRIORITY/TURN: right or left hand side. Technical data: Numbers: 17.4cm high;SET/BONUS/FOUL:9.4cm high; Visibility. Scores: 60m. Set/Bonus/Fouls: 30m;It is supplied with a keyboard already connected by means of a cable 30 meters long. The eventual extension of the cable is very easy because it is a cable with only 2 conductors and without any polarity; The sturdy membrane keyboard with big, coloured keys is reliable and easy to use The link between the scoreboard and the console takes place through a wire phone: in endowment is given a 60m long cable. The console with luminous display presents the following advantages: it is necessary if the console operator does not have a direct vision of the scoreboard and it performs the management easier; it disposes of a greater number of keys and tasks; Can be connected up to 4 scoreboard repeaters; INSCRIPTIONS ADHESIVE are available in (LOCALI-OSPITI) Italian, (HOME-GUEST) English, (HEIM-GÄSTE) German, (LOCAUX-VISITEURS) French and (LOCALES-VISITANTES) Spanish. Specify in the order the wished tongue; Power supply: 230Vac, 20VA MAX; Sturdy Metal container; Scoreboard measurements: width 85cm, height 38cm, depth 11cm;Keyboard measurements: width 15.5cm, height 9cm, depth 1.5cm;Total weight: 9.5kg.

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