Accessories for soccer

Football accessories: everything you need for the football field and not only

There are many football accessories available in the catalog. Not only training accessories but also equipment necessary for the regulation and success of the game.
Let’s see together what are the football accessories needed for a complete supply.

Referee accessories: wide range of football accessories for the referee, such as whistles and line flags ideal for calling the players in case of a foul and indicating any wrong positions of the players and the ball, such as the offside or the exit from the field line of the ball.

Electronic player changer board: for the regular replacement of players on the field, you will then need light boards that indicate the number of the incoming player to exit. This is because during the course of a regular football match there is a maximum of changes that can be made by the coach, within which you must stand.

Plifix: essential element for signaling and tracking the playing field. Cone structure for screwing on the ground, not dangerous for players and colored fiber tuft.

Discover all the other football accessories available and if you can’t find what you’re looking for contact us for a customized quote, we will reply as soon as possible.

Art. F749/S

Linesman flag draped with a checkered yellow and orange

Art. 239050

Replacement checkered cloth yellow and orange

Art. 239040

Yellow cloth replacement

Art. F739.

Football magnetic board

Art. F749/1

Block numbers for players replacement without handle

Art. F749/F

Block numbers for replacement players with handle

Art. F749/0

Substitution board

Art. F749/M2

Scoreboard replacement players for two-tone-sided

Art. F749/M3

Replacement players for two-color LED display and double-sided

Art. K806

Hand pump

Art. K806/1

Small air compressor with pressure gauge

Art. K815

Referee whistle

Art. K807

Bottle cage

Art. F746

Shoes washer



Art. F749

Linesman flag yellow draped

Football accessories for field and equipment maintenance

Artisport not only thinks about the initial supply of a certain sports equipment, but tries to ensure continuity over time by providing spare parts and football accessories for the maintenance of the playing field and the necessary equipment for competitions or training.
In this section of the product catalog you can also find football accessories for the maintenance of soccer balls such as, bracket pumps and mini compressor for the adjustment of the ball’s internal pressure.
There is also a shoe washer for sanitation before entering the dressing room, basket for water bottles and spare parts for streamers liners.
Discover all the sports equipment in the catalog for the complete supply of football fields and multi-functional gyms.

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