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Football is undoubtedly the number one sport that grips and unites nations around the world.
The modern game of football was devised in 1848 at the University of Cambridge as an upper-class sport originally played by rich young students.
Over the following century, it spread to such an extent that it became one of the most popular sports in the world.

Football is undoubtedly one of Artisport's strong suits. Thanks to our experience over the years, we can design and produce all kinds of football training equipment and accessories for football coaches.
When building our products, we use high-quality materials to ensure a longer lifespan and to prevent weathering from affecting the durability and appearance of your equipment.

Football - Soccer - bestseller

Art. F852

Net enclosure

Art. F750

Synthetic leather soccer ball n.5

Art. F740/1

Pair of nets for football soccer m.6x2

Art. F741

Pair of nets for foorball goals dim. 7.50x2.50 m

Art. F736/A

Wall dummies set

Art. F737/2

Training hurdles up to 100 cm

Art. F739.

Football magnetic board

Art. F744

Field marker cart for lime

Art. F746/S

Coach bench seat

Art. F748

Corner post set

Art. F748/1

Flexible corner post set

Art. F749/2

Slalom pole with ferrule

Art. F749/3

Indoor slalom pole with base

Art. F749/P

Set of 48 delimiters

Art. F749/Q

Coaching bibs

Art. G389

Mattress dimensions 180x50x0.8 cm

Art. K806/1

Small air compressor with pressure gauge

Art. F751/3

Football bench mt. 3

Art. F751/5

Football bench mt. 5

Art. F751/6

Football bench mt. 6

Art. F731/1

Football goals in aluminium transportable 6x2 m

Art. F731/2

Football transport device for football goals

Aluminum football goals 7.32x2.44 m, with ground sleevs, tested in according to UNI EN 748.
product tuv

Art. F735

Aluminum football goals 7.32x2.44 m, with ground sleevs, tested in according to UNI EN 748.

Certified TUV

Art. F737/3

Set of 12 hurdles

Art. K859/M

Skimmy board

Art. F730/1

Aluminum football goals 6x2 m

Art. F756/3

Minifootball goals cm.170x105

Art. F756/C

Set of 4 counterweights for football/futsal goals

Art. F736/R

Packaging of 5 dummies

Art. F749/I

Double agility speed ladder

Artisport means quality and efficiency

Artisport's football goals are made from aluminium in regulation sizes and come in both socketed (fixed) and freestanding formats. Our football goals comply with the BS EN 748 standard and are TUV-certified, guaranteeing the quality and safety of each individual product.
In addition to goals, Artisport stocks all the equipment you could ever need for football training, including dummies, hurdles, poles and bibs.

As far as facilities off the pitch are concerned, we also specialise in designing benches for coaches. Our products range from aluminium and cellular polycarbonate structures with plastic seats to professional-style benches with padded seats upholstered with eco-leather and fitted with armrests.
You can check out some of our major projects in the "Our works" section: some of the most notable are the coaching benches built by us for stadiums in Portland, Belgrade and Venice.
We build our structures with a focus on both design and comfort, and we create real ergonomic armchairs capable of fully meeting these needs.
Trusting Artisport means choosing a company with over thirty years of experience that can lead your project from start to finish, including installation.

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