Equipment for the artistic dance

Artistic dance is a technical-combinatorial sport that can be played individually, in pairs or in groups. Technical-combinatorial in terms of elements and technical steps must be added coordination skills, musicality and movement. The artistic danza is a discipline with a history that finds its beginnings in 1661 in France with the foundation of the Académie Royale de Dance, but appreciated to this day.
For the development of motor skills and more, it is necessary to carry out numerous workouts and engage in the study of different techniques. This is why the right equipment is essential to go to work, steps, technique and choreography.
Speaking specifically of ballet, the instrument mainly used for body heating and as support to certain exercises is the classical dance bar. It is usually made of natural painted wood and can be mobile, or you can talk about a fixed bar.
In addition to the classical dance bar, a dance hall requires mirrors for gymnasium, in order to independently control movements and correct stylistic imperfections.

Art. G408

Movable supports for ballet bars

Art. G408/D

Double support for ballet bars

Art. G406

Fixed bracket ballet bar

Art. G406/D

Double fixed wall bracket for ballet bars

Art. G407

Wall bracket for ballet bars

Art. G405/1

Round ballet bar 1 m

Art. G405/2

Round ballet bar 2 m

Art. G405/3

Round ballet bar 3 m

Art. G405/4

Round ballet bar 4 m

Art. G405/5

Round ballet bar 5 m

Many models of ballet bar in the catalog Artisport

As we anticipated in the previous paragraph there are several models of ballet bars. This diversity allows you to make the most of all the space available, both close to the walls, and centrally to the room.
In fact, thanks to the fixed ballet bar the dancers can position themselves along the walls of the hall, in which the bar has been installed, and thus perform all the warm-up exercises necessary to develop, technical skills, but also coordination and musicality. For this solution it will be enough to arrange shelves or steel hooks, fixed to the wall, on which you will then go to support the bar. These supports can also be adjusted in height. While the ballet bars, allow to occupy also the central space of the room during the first part of the lesson, and then be moved leaving room for the continuation of the exercises that do not need the support of the bar classical dance. In this case you will need a pair of supports in painted steel, on which to lay the bar having a stable and safe support.

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