Climbing poles, rings, ropes

Athletics rings, rope, uphill stage and gym poles

In gymnastics there are many equipment involved for individual sport. Each tool thus ensures the improvement and improvement of certain movements, working different muscles. Some of these tools can be, gym rings, gym poles and climbing stages.
In the Artisport catalogue you will find all the necessary equipment for a complete supply for gyms and individual sports.
Uphill stage, is a tool that contains others. In fact it is composed of gym poles, rope ladders, climbing pole and rope for rhythmic gymnastics. All these articles, useful for combating fear of height, also allow a development of the strength of the muscles of the back and arms.
Gym poles: tool composed of a cylindrical wooden rod ranging from 4 to 10 meters ideal for strengthening the muscles of the arms and legs. It is recommended to use this article to adults, as it requires greater physical exertion. For children and teenagers we recommend the use of swedish wall bars and wall bars.
Athletic rings, usually made of wood with hemp rope, lightweight and ideal for use in various exercises both for training for sports competitions but also as a rehabilitation tool for exercises medical gymnastics.

Art. G9

shelf height adjustable suspension rings

Art. G10

Pair of rings with rope

Art. G11

Console table for hanging rings

Art. G12/1

Ring's cart for hanging rings

Art. G310

Climb stage with 2 poles and 2 ropes m.5

Art. G311

Climb stage with 2 poles and 2 ropes m.6

Art. G312

Climb stage with 3 poles and 3 ropes m.5

Art. G313

Climb stage with 3 poles and 3 ropes m.6

Art. G314

Climb stage with 4 poles and 4 ropes m.5

Art. G315

Climb stage with 4 poles and 34ropes m.6

Art. G320

Wall bracket for rope

Art. G321

Climbing rope

Art. G322

hemp rope m.6

Art. G330

Shelf for climbing pole

Art. G331

Steel pole length m.5

Art. G332

Steel pole length m.6

Art. G335

wooden pole lenght m. 5

Art. G326

Hemp rope ladder lengh m.5

Art. G327

Hemp rope ladder m. 6

Athletic rings: an Olympic discipline

The discipline of rings is one of the most difficult in terms of artistic gymnastics. In the execution of the exercise there are requests, exercises and deadlines to be respected. Combining artistic elements with strength and momentum is not easy, so the athletic rings are a predominantly male specialty.
In the practice of athletic rings, it is necessary to achieve certain skills and abilities. Ability to move, orientation, balance, coordination. This is what complete an athlete who wants to specialize in this discipline.

Gym poles and climbing stage ideal for multi-functional gyms

Ideal tools for muscle strengthening, poles gym and stage of climb, are present in many gyms, both school and municipal, thus allowing the training of muscles and joints according to your needs.

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