Horse, vaulting buck and vaulting box

Horse with handles and plinth for artistic gymnastics

One of the most practiced disciplines in artistic gymnastics is the jump of the horse with handles, more commonly known as cavallina, and the jump of the plinto. Two tools widely used both at competitive level, both at school for a first approach to vault and dedicated equipment.
Horse with handles is a tool of artistic gymnastics composed of four legs that can be lengthened, allowing you to adapt the tool to the height of the athlete, and a parallelepiped made of wood covered with horsehair, to cushion the blows and with a layer of leather to cover the whole. The artistic gymnastic horse is available with adjustable wooden handles or without to allow all different types of exercises.
Plinth gymnastics is always a tool for performing vaulting exercises in artistic gymnastics. It can be adjusted in height according to the exercises to be performed and according to the height of the athlete. In the catalog we have different models of plinth gymnastics composed of 6 wooden chests that allow the adjustment in height, top padded and covered with leather.

Art. G130

Vaulting horse with handles and natural leather stem

Art. G131

Vaulting horse with handles and imitation leather

Art. G132

Vaulting horse with natural leather stem without handles

Art. G133

Vaulting horse with imitation leather stem without handles

Art. G150

Plinth for artistic gymnastics

Art. G151

Plinth covered with synthetic leather

Art. G152

Plinth with leather covering

Art. G153

Plinth made of wood covered in synthetic leather

Art. G143

Pommels for gymnastic horses

Art. G154

Trolley for vaulting box

Art. G140

Regular vaulting buck with leather stem

Art. G141

Regular vaulting buck with imitation leather stem

The vault

Vaulting is a set of free-body movements, mainly evolutions, that are carried out by the athlete resting the only hands on the tool and lifting the body forward trying to overcome the cavallina artistic gymnastics or the plinto gymnastics with a more articulated jump.
The steps for a correct execution of the exercise are many: the run-up, the presalto, the detachment, the laying of the hands, the elevation with the realization of the evolution and the landing. Each phase has its own technical rules that must be respected for the correct execution of the exercise.

The main exercises with horse with handles and plinth gymnastics

The main exercises and movements of the vault through the use of the horse with handles or the plinth are divided into different categories.
The reels, are circular movements around the cavallina gymnastics through the single or double support of the hands. It is the category from which most of the exercises derive. Along with the reels there is the category of scissors, both front and back.
More simple and basic as exercises are the swings, the lateral transports, the pin and the chest pin that serve as a basis, for those who want to undertake the discipline at competitive levels.

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