Sticks, hoops and indian clubs

Artistic gymnastics accessories: circles, clubs and twirling stick

We have in our catalogue numerous artistic gymnastics accessories such as clubs, circles and sticks, ideal for both training and use during national and international competitions. All our artistic gymnastics accessories are carefully selected, thus ensuring the final consumer high quality standards and compliance with official regulations.

Rhythmic gymnastics clavettes This tool recalls the shape of the pins with a slightly elongated shape, with a height that can vary from 40 cm to 50 cm for a minimum weight of 150 grams. Usually the clavette artistic gymnasticsare made of synthetic material, but in the catalog you can find the wooden variant. At the end of the handle there is a small ball that allows a firm and secure grip. The use of artistic gymnastics clavettes presupposes the development of coordination and musicality skills. In fact, during an exhibition with artistic gymnastics clavettes, music and technical groups (turns, beats, throws and shooting) must be harmonious and fluid.

Rhythmic gymnastics circles Another discipline of rhythmic gymnastics is the circle. These are always free body exercises, accompanied by the conduction through different techniques of rhythmic gymnastics circles. Some examples may be: rotations, oscillations, circumductions and movements to eight. For the use of rhythmic gymnastics circles, musicality, balance and versatility of movement are required. The rhythmic gymnastics circles are characterized by a diameter ranging from 80 to 90 cm and a weight of 300 grams.

Art. G30

Wooden stick 70 cm

Art. G30/80

Wooden stick 80 cm

Art. G30/90

Wooden stick 90 cm

Art. G30/100

Wooden stick 100 cm

Art. G30/1

Wooden stick 110 cm

Art. G30/2

Wooden stick 120 cm

Art. G32/1

Plastic stick 80 cm

Art. G34/1

Plastic stick 100 cm

Art. G37/1

Plastic stick 120 cm

Art. G38

Wall bracket door sticks

Art. G54

Hoop flat section diam. 60 cm

Art. G55

Hoop flat section diam. 70 cm

Art. G56

Hoop flat section diam. 80 cm

Art. G54/1

Hoop tubular section diam. 60 cm

Art. G55/1

Hoop tubular section diam. 70 cm

Art. G56/1

Hoop tubular section diam. 80 cm

Art. G57/1

Hoop tubular section diam. 90 cm

Art. G58

Wall hoop rack

Art. G40

Wooden indian clubs

Art. G41

Wooden indian clubs

Art. G42

Wooden indian clubs

Art. G49

Coloured nylon clubs

Art. G48

Clubs shelf

Not only rhythmic gymnastics but also tools for twirling

Within the artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, there is also the discipline of twirling, not very well known compared to other techniques, but that takes some characteristics. Accessory that features the twirling stick.
The twirling stick consists of a metal rod with a circular section between 50 and 75 cm in length. At both ends there are two knobs, a small one called TIP and a larger one called BALL.
From the English "to twirl" which means "to rotate" you can guess the type of technical movements that will have to be carried out. Floor exercises to which, however, they must be combined and coordinated with launches in the air and swirls on the body of the twirling stick. This too, like other artistic gymnastics accessories, requires coordination and musicality.
In our catalog you will find numerous models of twirling stick for different needs. If you don’t find what you are looking for, contact us and we will customize your supply.

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