Artistic gymnastics platform for floor exercise

The artistic gymnastics also includes two disciplines, the vault and the floor, which require the use of a artistic gymnastics elastic.
This tool is ideal for the performance of free body exercises as it allows the gymnast to amplify the momentum allowing it to perform the planned evolutions correctly and landing safely for optimal closure.
Generally the artistic gymnastics elastic, is made with wooden board, mainly beech, supported below by some springs hooked to a metal or wooden base. Usually for greater safety, ground supports are fixed in tires to prevent the gym footrests for the artistic gymnastics slip during the jump.
In our catalog you will find many models of gym footrests, both completely in painted wood, but also with carpet or rubber cover. If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us for a request and a customized quote.

Art. G160

Springboard Reuther model

Art. G161

Flexible Boards with moquette covered surface

Art. G162

Flexible Boards with rubber covered surface

Art. G163

Gymnova Olympic flexible board

Art. G167

Woodem semirigid board

Art. G169

Springboard double articulation

Art. G165

Frame in zinced and painted steel

How to choose the correct artistic gymnastics platform and at what price

The disciplines that involve the use of an elastic platform require physical strength and important muscle development, in addition to a lot of physical training and experience.
For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the materials used for its realization, which must be of quality and certified. Another essential element is therefore the choice of a professional company specialized in sports equipment that can guarantee you high quality standards and complies with national and international regulations.
As for the cost of a artistic gymnastics platform is not standard. We have seen how materials and workmanship affect the quality of the tool, and this is precisely why the price for an elastic platform varies according to its composition and according to the professionalism of the manufacturer.

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