Infirmary furnishings

Gym infirmary furniture

Larger gyms and arenas usually have a dedicated infirmary area. In addition to changing room furniture, Artisport also supplies furniture and accessories for infirmaries. It is important for this area to be fitted out properly, since its job is to look after athletes who suffer injuries or who need treatment and medication.
It needs to be an environment suitable for first aid and equipped with all the specific tools and facilities. For this reason, our priority is offering quality products that guarantee the total safety of those using them.

Art. I900

Examination bed in zinced steel

Art. I901

Examination bed in painted steel

Art. I900/C

Paper sheet roll

Art. I900/P

Support for paper sheet roll

Art. I921

Bedside step stool

Art. I916

Infirmary screen

Art. I920

Rotating stool

Art. I915

Rotating coat hanger

Art. I911

Plastic chair

Art. I922

Dust bin

Art. I912

Padded chair

Art. I910/C.1

3 drawer chest with wheels

Art. I906

Glass cabinet for first aid

Art. I905

Balance with stadiometer

Art. I930

First aid kit

Art. I930/1

Medical bag

Art. I930/2

Emergency resuscitator

Art. I932

Folding stretcher

Art. S812

Wheeled cart

Examination tables and first aid boxes

Every gym needs an examination table for medical exams and massages. Our catalogue features models with galvanised steel frames and comfortable surfaces upholstered with eco-leather in a range of colours. We also supply paper bed sheets, stands and step stools for examination tables.

We also sell a folding stretcher to help transport injured athletes to the infirmary more quickly. As for first aid kits, our catalogue includes first aid boxes, medical bags and a manual resuscitator. Our infirmary furniture range also features medicine cabinets, wheeled chests of drawers, desks, chairs, stools and trolleys.

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