Dressing benches E series

Dressing benches of high quality

Talking about furniture for changing rooms certainly can not miss the purchase of dressing benches for athletes and employees.
Dressing benches are essential and necessary in the changing rooms of gyms or sports fields. The functional layout of dressing benches allows the athlete to prepare and change in comfort, placing bags, shoes or clothing, before and after the sports training. The dressing benches must be functional, durable and made with top quality materials, sanitizing and washable easily and quickly without the fear of ruining them.
In the Artisport catalogue you will find different models of dressing benches of high quality. Dressing benches with or without clothes hangers, equipped with shoe shelves and various sizes combinable.
Artisport produces and supplies dressing benches with refined and high quality materials. Round or square steel structure, with hat rack, shoe rack and coat hanger. Back and seat are made of pine slats or other resistant wood and then painted for greater strength and durability over time. Non-slip rubber floor supports.

Art. S849/1

Dressing bench m.1

Art. S852.1

Dressing bench with seat and backrest m.1

Art. S852/1

Dressing bench with seat, backerest and clother hanger hooks m.1

Art. S850/1

Dressing bench with seat, backrest,clother hanger hooks and roof m.1

Art. S849

dressing bench m.2

Art. S852

Dressing bench with seat and backrest m.2

Art. S852/2

Dressing bench with seat, backerest and clother hanger hooks m.2

Art. S850

Dressing bench with seat, backerest,clother hanger hooks and roof m.2

Art. S875

Hall stand lenght 2 m

Art. S880

Footrest on wood 2 m

Art. S881/1

Footrest on wood 1 m

Art. S875/1

Hall stand lenght 1 m

Art. S876/10

Hall stand m.1

Art. S876/0

Hall stand m.2

Dressing benches: some feature

There are no formal regulations in which there are guidelines to follow for the purchase of dressing benches. However, some precautions in the decision-making stages before the purchase must be taken into account.
First sessions and backrests must be large enough to ensure optimal comfort after training, both to relax and rest, both to change.
Moving on to the metal structure, including shoe racks, hatboxes and hangers, must ensure maximum strength and capacity to allow all athletes to hang their clothes or put shoes and bags in the compartments available safely, eliminating the risk of falls or trips.
Finally, design and aesthetics also want their part. Creating harmony among the other furnishings that you will choose is essential to obtain an optimal result and certainly appreciated by those who will use it. For this reason all the dressing benches available in the catalog can be customized in color and size.

Accessories for dressing benches

In our catalog you can find benches for changing room complete with all the necessary accessories, you can choose to buy each item separately. In fact we have hangers of various sizes that can be combined with individual dressing benches and completed with wooden platforms.
In addition, in the section of accessories you can find all the additional elements to compose a complete supply for the ideal dressing room furniture.

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