Volleyball training apparatus

Volleyball training: all the necessary equipment

As in all sports thetraining volleyball is essential for the physical preparation and the success of the match.
Although very underrated, the training volleyball is one of the most tiring, but at the same time complete as it goes to work on strength, endurance, balance and coordination.
During a volleyball training you will develop and work the different attack abilities, defense and reaction speed. In order to go to perform every single exercise, therefore, you will need a specific volleyball training equipment.
First of all it is important to make a good warm-up in order to avoid possible injuries even during a volleyball training. Then we move on to the actual training. There are exercises for defense improvement that test coordination and reaction speed to an opponent’s dunk, for example. On the other hand, there are effective exercises for the improvement of the attack, which therefore aim at muscle strengthening and strength.
To allow all this the volleyball training equipment must comply with high quality standards and be as complete as possible. In our catalog you can find many equipment for volleyball training, such as: spike with elastic bands, saltometer, balls with elastic bands and wall simulators.

Art. V723/B

Training spike with elastic

Art. V723/D

Training spike

Art. V723/C

Jump tester

Art. V723/F

Ball with elastics for spike

Art. V723/M

Block simulator

Art. V723/MA

Block simulator with ball catcher

Art. V723/A

Ball catcher

Art. V723/XN

Stand-purpose training tool

Volleyball training exercises

In the first moments of volleyball training, it is essential to warm the muscles avoiding sharp and fast movements, such as jumps. At this stage, stretching and throwing exercises are usually performed to start activating the muscles of the hands and ankles.
As for the realvolleyball training you can divide the exercises into two main groups: exercises for defense and exercises for attack.
For each group of exercises correspond different tools, let’s see those available in the catalog.
Spike: ideal tool for exercises on the attack and then the dunk. It is a steel structure with articulated arms, with a ball in the center. With this tool you can evaluate the trajectory of the ball and the way it is hit.
Wall simulator: basketball-like tool without a basket. Composed of steel structure with irregular panel that allows a rebound with unpredictable angles. Used for improvement exercises on the wall and then on the defense.
In addition to these two main equipment, we also have regulatory volleyball balls, or nets and facilities for volleyball training grounds. If you don’t find what you need, contact us for a supply and a customized quote.

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