Indoor sports equipment

Any sport needs the right equipment Each discipline practiced at competitive levels, from volleyball to basketball, gymnastics to boxing, requires the compliance with certain shared rules and the use of specific sport equipment to coach and compete. Only through training it is possible to develop a personal style and improve individual and team performances, but, to do that, every athlete should have at his disposal the proper equipment for the discipline he is practicing whichever it may be, gymnastics or volleyball, soccer or handball or basketball. What kind of results could you get in a official volley match if you are usually training with balls that don’t comply with regular standards? How can you compete in a basketball league game if your goal’s size is not regular? No good can come from that, of course. That’s why Artisport has dedicated a company branch to equipment supplies for indoor sports and outfit for indoor sport facilities, gyms and arenas.

Artisport provides specific equipment supplies for the different needs of indoor sport practices: gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, mini soccer ("five a side"), handball, bodybuilding, boxing, table tennis, badminton. A correct use of the right equipment is not just a matter of compliance with standards and regulations. Improper equipment or unsuitable outfit might be cause of injuries or bad habits, as wrong postures and harmful body positions, which, once kept, are hard to correct. Proper equipment is the first step toward safety. For this reason, in producing and providing sports equipment Artisport pays great attention to the quality of the materials and the safety of the outfit. That’s how we can equip clubs and facilities with the safest products for indoor sports.

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