Outdoor sports equipment

Artisport offers a full set of supplies and equipment for sport clubs, teams, gyms and sport facilities. Our company is specialized in providing equipment and gear to be used or arranged in playgrounds, both indoor and outdoor. The company product line includes sport articles and specific equipment for outdoor use. The equipment is conceived for the particular needs of sports as football, athletics, tennis, mini soccer, rugby, beach volley, beach soccer, volleyball, basketball.

The sport disciplines that are practiced outdoor require field equipment with different technical characteristics than other equipment made for indoor activity. In providing sporting supplies for disciplines as football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, tennis, rugby, mini soccer, it must be considered the atmospheric and weather factors. The sand of the beach or the water mixed sea salt, in beach sports practice, sun, snow, rain and wind can oxidize and spoil open-air sports facilities. Artisport outdoor equipments are made with special materials that resist rust and keep their original colours even if exposed for long time to the sun.

Moreover, football, basketball, rugby and mini soccer are contact sports, activities which include physical contact between the players and where athletes can hit field structures. Even in apparently untroubled sports, like tennis or volleyball, it is not uncommon that players hit the nets or the support systems. For this reason sport equipment for mini soccer, rugby, football, tennis, beach volley and other sports must be firm and able to protect the athletes.

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