Athletics equipment

The term "athletics" encompasses various disciplines, with specific equipment required for each activity.
Athletics dates back to ancient times; in fact, many of the disciplines still practised today were invented in ancient Greece. Athletics has been an official Olympic sport since the first modern games in 1896, and it remains one of the most popular and fascinating sports at a competitive level to this day.

Many disciplines in one great sport 

Athletics encompasses various disciplines that can be divided into three categories: running, throwing and jumping.
Running ranges from sprinting and middle-distance races to more unusual contests such as the hurdles and relay races.
As well as running, athletics also includes all the jumping disciplines, from the high jump and the pole vault to the long jump and the triple jump. And let's not forget all the throwing events: the shot put, the discus, the hammer and the javelin.

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Particular soft rubber discus, 0.5 kg, diam. 18.5 cm. Suitable for training and indoor use.


Steel hammer, weight kg. 5, Suitable for competition.


Aluminium competition javelin gr. 400


Shot put for competition in turned and calibrated iron diameter 80 mm; Weight kg.2


Long and triple jump check mark, in varnished hard wood. Measures: width cm 30, lenght cm 122, height cm 10. Complete with slot for a small board which holds plastiline, width cm 10, lenght cm 122.


Pair of upright jumpers for high jump consisting of vertical upright in galvanized steel with centimeter indication, millimetric height adjustment cursors, ground base in painted steel with adjustable feet. Height adjustment up to 250 cm.


Uprights for pole vaulting made of reinforced aluminum diameter 140 x 60 mm with height adjustment movement by means of a telescopic system with locking by means of a knob aluminum rod support rail made of steel with sliding of the trolley by means of nylon wheels graduated from cm. 0 to c.80. height adjustment from cm. 300 to 640. Approved W.A.


Starting block ambidextrous adjustable with three blocks, in shaped wood, support surface covered with synthetic material.


Soft rubber discus, 0.75 kg, Ø 18.5 cm. Suitable for training.


Steel hammer, weight kg. 3. Suitable for competition.


Competition javelin, in aluminium, weight gr.500