Stadium benches

Stadium benches

Gym grandstands

Any sports competition, whether it's a local affair or a major event, needs an audience of spectators and supporters. For this reason, arenas and gyms that host competitions and events need suitable grandstands to accommodate spectators.
Whatever the size of your space, Artisport can supply tailor-made grandstands to suit all your needs.

How we make our grandstands for sports facilities

Our grandstands are specially designed based on the customer's requests, the size of the space and the number of people that need to be accommodated.

Our grandstands are made of galvanised steel and are fitted with fire-retardant polypropylene seats in a range of colours. Our grandstand units are available in four, eight and twelve-seat versions. If you're not looking for a full grandstand, you can also buy seats individually, with or without a backrest.
For arenas and sports halls, we build large permanent grandstands with a steel frame, sheet metal walkways and a wooden seating surface topped with polypropylene seats. All of our products can be customised with regard to length, depth and colour.

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