Support Baumann and blocks

Support Baumann and blocks

Baumann supports and gym blocks

A little known tool but certainly present in most school gyms. The appoints Baumann (the surname of their inventor) is an instrument of gymnastics still little known and used, but that, like other more known tools, allow the execution of number of exercises.
Some examples: body stretched out behind, collection raised frame, body stretched forward, or many other exercises attributable to bending.
All exercises must be carried out in a progressive way, starting from the simplest levels up to greater degrees of complexity and effort, in order not to cause trauma or muscle pain.
Baumann supports are made of painted wood with a geometric shape that allows a solid handle. In the catalogue, in addition to two different models of Baumann supports, we also have a wall shelf to store them neatly after the workout. Baumann supports are ideal for strengthening the muscles of the whole body, but especially the abdominal muscles and shoulder muscles. This tool allows you to go to strengthen arms and shoulders trying to prevent any injury.
Discover all the models of Baumann supports available in the catalog and related accessories. Contact us for custom quotes.

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Pair of Baumann block, in varnished wood.


Shelf for gymnastics supports and blocks, painted steel. Wall-fixing. Up to 70 pieces storage.